UNDER CONSTRUCTION; we’re building an amazing AI toolbox for Journalists. More Categories and tools will follow!

AI Journalism Tools


AI tools for crafting and polishing your written masterpieces!

Chat GPT

The most famous AI tool probably. This Dialogue Guru is your trusty sidekick for leveling up your writing game! Type a prompt, and it’ll help prep questions, whip up words, translate like a boss, and much more.


Don’t forget to check your text! This AI wizard fixes grammar and punctuation errors and offers suggestions for improving or spicing up your sentences.


Sudowrite is the perfect creative writing partner. It gets the ball rolling to get in the groove, suggests characteristics to get readers more involved, and suggests plot twists.


HACKASTORy wants to help JOURNALIST navigating through the jungle of tools and information IN THIS DIGITAL ERA FULL OF POSSIBILITIES.

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Who We Are

The Hackanauts of Hackastory are the geniuses behind this list. Helping to navigate through a jungle of endless AI tools and possibilities.

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The possibilities of the digital era are more important than ever before to be embraced by journalism and media. They are crucial to staying influential in this rapidly changing rollercoaster.

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